From across space and time, they come! Dr. Chaka! The Loan Shark! Axel Greese! RMD! The Red Menace! They're all in the arena for one thing: the Galactic Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship Title. Who will win? Who will lose? Will any of them live to see tomorrow? Find out when you read The Adventures Of The Galactic Wrestling Federation.

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Robert Howard is a native of the great state of Massachusetts. When he isn't writing the adventures of the Galactic Wrestling Federation, you can find him painting, sculpting, or running one of the best comic shops on the Eastern Seaboard. He likes hockey, Conan, and space operas, not necessarily in that order. Rumors of his ability to breathe fire are greatly exaggerated.

Earl Yi is an indie comics creator and freelance illustrator currently residing in Seattle, after having recently relocated from his longtime home of Boston. He enjoys the lack of sunlight and significantly fewer allergies than when he lived on the East Coast, where he was born and raised. He is a creature of bad habits and has a beard named Koreanidas.

The Adventures of the GWF is not the first comic that Max Wolman has worked on, but it is the first one he actually wants you to buy. Max's professional wrestling debut against the Gobbledygooker at HELLCAGE '99 was marred with controversy due to the use of 14 illegal piledrivers throughout the course of the match. He regrets nothing.